How Much Do Parents Really Know About YouTube?

You've undoubtedly watched a YouTube video in the last week, if not the last 48 hours, if you're awake in America and online.

I recently watched a YouTube clip of the SNL skit "Try Guys" after it was linked from a moderately hilarious tweet.

My daughter chose to dress up as this significant event for Halloween, so I looked for a video of Lady Gaga performing at the 2020 inauguration since I wanted a visual example for a paper mache gold dove.

Whether we realise it or not, YouTube plays a significant and personal role in our daily lives. In his new book on the history of the network, journalist Mark Bergen refers to it as a "utility," Comment, like, and subscribe.

But how much do we really know about the organisation that hosts both our favourite Daniel Tiger videos and the essential how-to guides we rely on to maintain our appliances and braid our kids' hair?

Who selects what is included in our recommendation lists or which advertisements serve as the entertainment's end credits? According to Bergen, the typical YouTube viewer would benefit from having a greater understanding of the site.